Who am I?

Dr Alison Twycross, PhD, RN, Campaigning and advocating for nurses and nursing

Dr Alison Twycross, PhD RN

Alison has been living with Long Covid since March 2020 but is doing her bit to advocate for UK nurses, midwives and other NHS workers with Long Covid.


Alison has nearly 40 years of experience in nursing as a practitioner, researcher, and university educator with a passion for children’s nursing and developing leadership potential in the nursing community. She also has extensive experience in researching children’s pain management.

In March 2023 Alison became an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Birmingham.

Long Covid Advocacy

In January 2022 she founded Long Covid Nurses and Midwives UK but stepped down from her role with the group in October 2022. She continues to campaign and advocate on key issues and remains a member of Long Covid Support and the Long Covid Support Employment Advocacy Group. Alison also enjoys working with colleagues from Long Covid Work.

Alison has recently become a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine and attends their Long Covid multidisciplinary group. She is also joint-Chair of the Royal College of Nursing’s Long Covid working group.

Since 2020, Alison has published several papers and blogs about the support NHS staff with Long Covid are receiving to return to work and highlighting the evidence to support effective practice in this area. She has also presented at several events and recorded some podcasts.

You can also follow Alison (@alitwy) on Twitter.

A complete list of Alison’s publications can be found by clicking here.