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If you are already living with Long Covid then you know about the effects it can have on your life. If you’re not affected by Long Covid – might you be next?

Long Covid can affect your ability to work, to socialise, to live. Those effects can be physical, mental as well as financial, and they can be devastating.
You may have to work reduced hours, to change job, even to stop work completely. Once the sick pay stops, and you’re looking at ill-health retirement, you’re on your own.
But we can help. From navigating through those work changes, to negotiating your IHR package, right through to claiming the benefits you’re entitled to, we can be there every step of the way.
If you are struggling financially, or need support to retrain for another career, we may be able to help with advice or free grants.

A recent study published in the US looked at the lived experience of work and long COVID in healthcare staff (December 2023). The results were startling. A similar study of UK doctors living with Long Covid produced similar results, with 48% of respondents reporting a loss of earnings due to their condition.

Reduced Activity

Changed work duties

Stopped Work

But I’ve had Covid-19 a couple of times now, and I’m fine!

Maybe you’ve just been lucky! It’s undeniable that healthcare workers are the group that are most exposed to the risk of catching covid (see here). Research is beginning to show that with each covid re-infection the risk of ending up with Long Covid, or with some other serious health condition, increases, see here.

So what can I do now?

You’re probably doing a lot of the right things already; you wear a good quality, well-fitted mask and ensure your workplace and home and well ventilated where possible, you practice good hygiene, washing hands after touching surfaces and objects, and you are up to date with vaccinations and boosters. But you can also make sure that we are there should the worst happen and you find yourself unable to work as you are now.


You can help keep us funded so that we can continue to support your colleagues who are already in difficulty, and to ensure that we can continue to educate and to advocate for you to be better protected in your workplace.

The easiest way to support us now is simply to visit our donate page and make a one-off donation, or to make it a monthly donation. But even more tax-efficient for you would be to set up a payroll donation via Give As You Earn (GAYE). Below you’ll find a template letter to send to your employer, or if your employer does not have a GAYE system in place, you can choose one of the other forms to invite them to set up a scheme with one of the government approved collection agencies.

Give As You Earn

How It Works

A donation amount will be deducted from your pay before Income Tax is calculated and deducted. For example, if you’re a 20% taxpayer, 80% of your donation amount will be taken from your salary and 20% will be taken from the tax that would otherwise have been paid to HMRC.


  • Your donation to Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK will go further and costs less.
  • You can change your mind at any time. If you’d like to increase, reduce or stop your donation, you can do so whenever you want at no cost to you.
  • Many employers will match their employees’ donation therefore doubling the amount paid to our charity.

What Should I Do?

If an employer has a Payroll Giving (or Give As You Earn) Scheme set up already, you can simply instruct them to make a donation to the Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK charity on your behalf.

If an employer doesn’t currently have a Payroll Giving scheme, you can speak to your HR or pay department to enquire about setting one up. They can contact a Payroll Giving Agency who will be happy to set up and administer the scheme at no cost to the employer.

Here is a handy letter template and instruction form you can complete and pass onto your employer to provide them with all the necessary details.

Payroll Giving Letter Template

This is a template letter you can send to your employer to set up payroll giving (GAYE) to our charity. You should also send a copy of the completed letter to us (address provided on the form).

CharitiesTrust Donation Choice Form

This is the CharitiesTrust Donation Choice form. You can use this form to set up payroll giving (GAYE) if you employer does not already have a GAYE operator in place. There are alternative operators, this is just one example.

CharitableGiving Donation Choice Form

This is the CharitableGiving Donation Choice form. You can use this form to set up payroll giving (GAYE) if you employer does not already have a GAYE operator in place. There are alternative operators, this is just one example.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page or email us at