Where does my item go when I’ve sent it back to be remade?

This is from our supplier’s (Teemill) website:

Your product is sent back to a processing station, where all products are graded into categories, such as colour and product type. The products are then transported out to our remanufacturing partners based in the EU and India, where they are shredded and custom blended with organic cotton into yarn. The yarn is then knitted & products are sewn up, creating a product made from 50% recycled and 50% virgin organic cotton. They are then transported to the factories where they are printed and their lifecycle starts again.

Teemill oversees this whole process. Many other companies outsource the first part of the process – such as the recovery of products & grading work (as it’s challenging and require lots of automation). However, to be able to guarantee that nothing ends up in landfill, Teemill has its own processing station for complete control over the entire circular supply chain, from the moment a product is sent back, to when it arrives back into the printing factories after being remade. This is what makes Remill different from any other recovery program out there.