How are grants made?

  • Applications will be considered once a month by the assessment committee at the first meeting following your application. If an application is deemed successful a grant will be awarded.
  • The amount of the grant awarded may be more or less than that applied for, but it will be at a level considered appropriate by the assessment committee.
  • All grants will be made in GB Pounds and will be transferred into a UK bank account as soon as possible after a decision is made.
  • On rare occasions further information will be sought from the applicant which must be provided in a timely manner, else the application will be postponed until the following month’s meeting.
  • If an application is refused, you will be given the reason why.
  • All decisions on whether to approve a grant request are final, and no other correspondence will be entered into concerning the relevant committee’s decision.
  • The grant will be a one-off payment which may or may not cover multiple month’s shortfalls.
  • Acceptance or not of an application does not affect your eligibility to apply for a grant in subsequent months, although we do ask that you allow at least 90 days between applications.