How can SHH UK help?

Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK will undertake a range of activities to ensure healthcare workers across
the UK with Long Covid receive the best possible support. This may include:

1) Raising funds to provide financial support for healthcare workers with Long Covid.
2) Providing financial support for healthcare workers who developed Long Covid in relation to:
a) Additional costs stemming from the clinical condition of Long Covid, for example:
– travel costs for treatment
– adjustments to home
– disability aids
-recommended activities for health reasons
b) An inability to cover usual expenses due to drop in income as a result of LC, for example:
– going from full to half pay as a result of sick pay
– from half pay to nothing
– changed income because change of job
– early retirement
c) The costs of making adjustments from former employment to a new situation: for example costs
associated with:
– retraining
– counselling or coaching
– moving house to reduce outgoings
3) Working with our advocates and partner organisations to provide advice about how to achieve a
sustainable return to work – e.g. materials identifying best practice and webinars.
4) Ensuring other healthcare workers are aware of the support needs of staff with Long Covid so they can
better support their colleagues returning to work.
5) Raising awareness of the need to keep healthcare workers safe from exposure to recurrent covid
infections and thus limit the numbers of staff developing Long Covid going forward.
6) Engaging with strategic decision makers and policy in relation to the support required by UK healthcare workers with Long Covid.