Advice for workplace meetings

If you are contacted by your manager or HR about a meeting (face-to-face or virtual) to discuss your situation in respect of the ending of covid special leave pay and conditions, here are things you might want to do:

1)     Ask what the meeting will be about.

2)     If the changes to covid sick pay are mentioned, ask them to write to you formally with a date.

3)     Contact your union, advocacy group or citizens’ advice to have someone with you at the meeting.*

4)     Ask your employer for any new policies or procedures, or links to these, before the meeting.

5)     Read up on the formal guidance and any  information supplied by your employer before the meeting.

What to do if you are at a meeting, having not been told it’s to discuss pay and conditions:

1)     If you have not been told this is a formal or semi-formal meeting, you are allowed to ask for the meeting to be rescheduled.

2)     Be polite but firm: These changes in conditions are formal so you should have a rep or similar present with you for support

*NB – if your support is not from a union rep they may not be able to speak during the meeting – you will need to speak for yourself. It’s a good idea to try and meet with them before any formal meeting to go over guidance and your current position.

Additional information and links

Links to the revised covid sick pay policies in England, Scotland and Wales can be found here.

We have heard that Northern Ireland is also changing its policy on covid sick pay from 1st October 2022. More information to follow.

The new Society of Occupational Medicine guidance on what works in relation to returning to work with Long Covid can be found here (August 2022).

UNISON’s revised bargaining guidance for supporting staff with Long Covid can be accessed here.