Supporting Staff with Long Covid: Best practice guidelines

Best practice guidelines

In August 2022 the Society of Occupational Medicine published Long Covid and Return to Work – What Works? This is a great resource and includes useful appendices including information about what tests people with Long Covid should have.

In February 2022 the CIPD published Working with Long Covid: Research evidence to inform support. This document provides insight into the challenges of both returning to work as someone with Long Covid and supporting them (and the rest of their team) as a manager.

Several other guidelines are available outlining best practice supporting staff with Long Covid (Box 1). These guidelines identify best practice in relation to supporting staff to return to work. This is particularly important as a standard four-week phased return is unlikely to work for people with Long Covid.

Society of Occupational Medicine 

Guidance for managers  
Guidance for employees

Faculty of Occupational Medicine 

Guidance for managers on supporting staff to return to work


Advice for employers and employees


Hub for employers on Long Covid

Box 1: Additional guidance outlining best practice in supporting staff with Long Covid

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