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This chart shows the to do list for the charity trustees. The background colour of each task uses a traffic light colour code to show its progress – see the key below. Trustees can be added to each task in the description box.

Items that have not yet been started

Items that are in progress but not yet running

Items that are running but still need some work

Items that are up and running

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  • Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK (SHH-UK)
    Registered Charity No.: 1205685
    • Financial support for HCWs with Long Covid
      • Grants - once we have sufficient funds
        Adrian to add forms to website
      • PayPlan - debt management advice
      • entitledto - advice about what benefits are available
      • Forum Q&A re benefits
    • Support for HCWs with Long Covid
      • Signpost to already established support groups - Long Covid Support and POTSUK
      • Set up and run SHH-UK cognitive dysfunction online support group
      • Coaching and counselling
      • Set up Forum Q&A for key issues
    • Getting stories out there
      • Social media campaigns
      • Videos on X telling people's stories
      • Blog posts
      • Live chats
      • Working with journalists
      • Vlogs & podcasts
    • Educational resources*

      See also educational document (in preparation)

      • Written info on website
      • Infographics
      • Voice over PowerPoints
      • Blogs and vlogs
      • Social media focused campaigns
      • Q&A forums
      • Podcasts, live chats & webinars
    • Support for managers, reps and other HCWs
      • Info on website
      • Signposting to best practice guidelines
      • FAQs??
      • Best practice exemplars??
      • Webinars/Live chats??
      • Forum Q&A for managers???
    • Lobbying strategic decision-makers and policy*
      • Meetings with key policy makers
      • Liaising with relevant unions and professional bodies
      • Promoting best practice guidelines
      • Social media campaigns Letters to MPs/MSP/AM
      • Working with other Long Covid groups
      • Work with economists to develop a model forecasting the impact of Long Covid
      • Lobby high profile supporters

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