No data

There is no national data detailing how many NHS staff have Long Covid in the UK. The DHSC has confirmed they do not hold this data, nor do they intend to collect it

Higher chances

The number of healthcare workers with Long Covid is likely to increase over time. We now know the chances of post-covid sequalae increase with each acute covid infection. Many health care workers report frequent reinfections, partly due to inadequate infection protection and control (IPC) guidance (Ferris et al. 2021).

Days lost

Research conducted by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Coronavirus has estimated NHS England lost 1.82 million healthcare worker days to Long Covid from March 2020 to September 2021 (APPG Coronavirus 2022).

Uncertain future

Healthcare workers have been working on the frontline throughout the pandemic often without adequate protective equipment. For a significant proportion of healthcare workers their reward has been Long Covid and an uncertain future both professionally and personally.

Other workers

Other healthcare workers have also been impacted by Long Covid including people employed in the third sector such as hospice staff, and public health practitioners employed by local councils or public health bodies.

No safety net

There is currently no financial safety net for healthcare workers with Long Covid despite the Coronavirus APPG recommending that the UK Government should launch a compensation scheme available to all frontline key workers currently living with Long Covid.

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This is a Testimonial
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Our Aims

Our aims are simple. In summary, to support UK healthcare workers who are living with long Covid we intend to:

  • Reduce financial hardship directly caused by Long Covid
  • Relieve isolation and ensure HCWs living with Long Covid have a voice.
  • Disseminate research and raise awareness of Long Covid
  • Support and advocate for HCWs living with Long Covid
  • Advocate for improvements in indoor air quality in healthcare settings

You can read more about what we intend to do on the Our Mission page.

We Need

We have now achieved charitable status and are registered with the Charity Commission. We are however still looking for:

  • Additional trustees, including a fundraising lead with experience in charitable fundraising– we anticipate trustees will undertake a three year term, in the first instance.
  • Volunteers to help with a range of tasks, including being members of various committees including grant giving and fundraising.
  • Social Media advocates with a high profile on social media who can promote the work of SHH-UK.

For information on how to apply to be a trustee or a volunteer please see our getting involved page here or email us at:


Our most important task right now is fundraising. We have already raised enough money to get ourselves established but now we need to start building on that good start.

We can accept donations directly from our website via our donate page, which keeps our costs down as much as possible – you can even set up monthly donations if you are able to contribute on a regular basis. Even as little as £5 a month would go a long way to allow us to help our healthcare heroes.

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